Our focus:

At HDA all students are trained in classical ballet. This is without a doubt the main focus at our Academy. We do offer other dance styles and encourage versatility, however continued involvement with ballet is required at our Academy as we feel it provides the essential technical foundation to any dancer’s training. We feel ballet training gives students a basic movement vocabulary that is essential for other styles. For ongoing training at HDA, ballet is necessary to avoid students’ technique falling behind significantly in our program.

Dance Styles Offered

Classical Ballet

Studying classical ballet develops poise, confidence, coordination, and discipline. Very young dancers attend lessons once a week. Students from Primary (usually age 6) to Grade 4 must attend 2 ballet lessons per week. Vocational Level ballet students must attend a minimum of 3 ballet lessons per week. We teach the classical technique of the world-renowned Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Students are prepared for RAD examinations at the discretion of the teachers.


This style provides an extension to the classical technique and students must be enrolled in ballet classes to qualify for training in contemporary at HDA. Emphasis is on technique, dynamics and expressiveness. Students explore use of alignment, gravity, contraction, release and suspension.


Always popular because it’s fast, upbeat and utilises a variety of modern music. Not only is it a good workout but it also provides students with the knowledge of a variety of styles, good musicality, a limbered body, and the ability to think/learn quickly.

Private Lessons

For students who seek to gain specialised individual coaching, progress technically, learn performance solos, and in some cases prepare for a career in the dance industry. In addition to regular weekly lessons we are pleased to offer HDA students private lessons where we can tailor-make a program to suit the needs of the individual dancer. Please contact us for more info.


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