About us

Hinterland Dance Academy provides quality dance training in a truly stunning and elegant studio space. Having provided 45+ years of quality dance instruction on the Gold Coast, our Academy has an excellent reputation for providing professional instruction that caters for dancers who are Beginner to Advanced levels from ages 3-99. Whether our dancers are training to be professionals or just dancing for their personal enjoyment, the benefits and life skills they receive mean their dance education will last a lifetime.

Our facilities

Located centrally in the heart of the Gold Coast in the charming French Quarter of Emerald Lakes in Carrara, our commitment to elegance is reflected in our stunning studio spaces.  Our unique Academy is a delightful place where dancers of all ages can be inspired and swept away by the magic of ballet in a completely enchanting atmosphere. We are proud to offer 3 fully-equipped modern studios, all with ducted air conditioning, barres, gorgeous arched windows, professional sprung flooring for safe dance practice as well as quality Harlequin and Tarkett dance performance surfaces.  Our dancers are spoiled for choice with all the neighbouring Parisian cafes downstairs, and clients enjoy the proximity of nearby walking paths, children’s playground, and Thursday street markets.

Our team

All faculty members are experienced, well-trained, and professional.
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Our values

We value providing dancers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional classical ballet training in a truly elegant setting.  We do encourage our dancers to diversify themselves as performers by adding supplementary contemporary, lyrical, jazz, stretch/strength training but ballet is definitely at the core of what we do.

We aim to encourage joyful and confident performers with a respect and passion for the art of dance.

We believe that a dance education lasts a lifetime and thus we offer classes for ages 3-99 and support all dance journeys equally regardless of whether a professional dance career is the goal.

If aspirations for a professional dance career align with a dancer’s particular level of skill, commitment and passion, we believe in guiding such students safely, sensibly and responsibly towards pathways and opportunities that can lead towards reaching such goals.

We are passionate that dance training provides invaluable life skills that will help dancers in whatever career they pursue.

We know life can get busy and we feel clear communication with our dance families is vital.  That’s why HDA clients are kept up to date through regular email reminders.  Our timetables are constructed and distributed well in advance with very few changes throughout the year to allow optimal organization and minimal stress!

The HDA community is friendly, welcoming and supportive, and many of our dancers develop beautiful lasting friendships with their fellow dancers.


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