The Royal Academy of Dance is an internationally recognised awarding body and participation in examinations allows our school to maintain a high standard of classical ballet. The syllabus features exquisite music and beautiful enchainments to challenge today’s ballet students.

Benefits of doing ballet exams through the Royal Academy of Dance:

  • Attaining a higher standard to technique, musicality and performance
  • Having a goal to work towards
  • Receiving recognition from the world’s largest ballet examining body
  • Receiving a report, certificate, and medal in recognition of achievement
  • Gaining confidence and increasing enjoyment in dance

Participation in ballet exams is strongly encouraged at our school, although final selection for entry is at the teachers’ discretion and is based on individual levels of achievement. Students progress at different rates therefore it should not be assumed that a student should automatically be entered for examinations every year or because other students are ready to move on.

Entering students for examinations requires commitment and dedication from both students and parents.

Any student wishing to sit an exam must attend a minimum of two syllabus classes per week for Primary to Grade 4, and three syllabus classes per week for the Vocational Grades.

Candidates are required to attend extra rehearsals and will be encouraged to attend workshops offered by the RAD.

Exams are held in our studio for Primary to Grade 4. Dates are allocated by the RAD in June/July with exams usually taking place in July/August. Vocational Level exams are scheduled at various times/locations and your teacher will recommend an appropriate exam session.

Private coaching can be arranged on request and may be suggested by your teacher.

The Royal Academy of Dance has policies in place to specify minimum age requirements for all RAD Ballet Examination Levels.


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